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The wine, which it can be considered a food product for its historical relevance in the diet and for its origins, it is considered also a type of alcohol, even if if it has a low percentage of it, and therefore, it requires a moderated consumption.

Thanks to its high content of polifenols, red wine takes all the free oxygen radicals off, protecting the heart.

Moreover, it is given a recommendation list for its low risk moderated consumption:

  • Maximum 2 alcohol units per day for women
  • Maximum 3 alcohol units per day for men
  • No more than 4 alcohol units at once
  • Pregnant women, people with medical assignments, or people responsible of machinery shouldn´t drink alcohol at all.

*1 alcohol unit represents 10g of pure alcohol.


Around the wine world, there’s a terminology which goes into the descriptions of  wine tastings, as well as in its elaboration, vineyards, etc.

During our next posts, we’ll see these type of vocabulary. But the most important thing is to enjoy the wine, and describe it from your own personal perspective. Very often, the wine terminology can be too technical depending for which target are you speaking to. It can spark rejection either frustration, when the truth is that it should be for enjoying it.

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