Altos de Rioja, the winemaker cellar

Altos de Rioja, the winemaker cellar

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Altos de Rioja, a singular boutique style winemaker cellar, founded in 2006 in Rioja Alavesa with the main objective of creating modern Rioja wines. This objective is materialized in some very high quality wines that equilibrates terroir with the last technical advances.

The origins of this company was possible thanks to the friendship and union of three winemakers from different places, but with a clear objetive in mind: to make great wines, respecting traditional methods and the nature environment, elaborating their wines only with grapes from the high areas of Rioja Alavesa

  • Jean Marc Sauboua: enologist from Bourdeaux (France), developing his carrier between France, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, South Africa and Moldavia.
  • Roberto San Idelfonso: Starting in the ’80 and ’90, he developed a new wine project, Bodegas Sobreño, with D.O Toro (Spain).
  • Bienvenido Muñoz: moving on the wine tradition of his family, he transformed the  sector with Bodegas Muñoz, La Mancha.

There are 4 grapes varieties in Altos de Rioja. To begin with, Tempranillo grape is the key one; every red wine of Altos de Rioja are created with it. In the case of Pigeage Premium wine, it is combined with Graciano variety, of old vineyards.

White wine is manufactured from Viura and Malvasía varieties. Viura is the main grape cultivated in Rioja, and Malvasía offers some interesting options in order to obtain white wines of incredible quality.

The vineyards, where all this four types of grape are cultivated, are located in the prestigious sub-zone of Rioja Alavesa, a privileged area thanks to two opposed type of climates: the atlantic and the mediterranean ones. The temperature differences between day and night is ideal to obtain the appropiate  maturation, so it can be possible the elaboration of excelent wines.

Moving on to vinification, Altos de Rioja owns a wide, modern and functional installations where it is applied the last technical advances, while respecting traditional methods. Their processes are specially known because of the long cold macerations, as well as the temperature control of the fermentation process. Usually, for wine vinification they use stainless steel deposits, except for specific fermentation carried on into barrels.

The barrels used in the process are from Bourdeaux (80% French Oak, 20% American Oak). In Altos de Rioja, they work with different type of barrels and toasting, mixed with the final coupages of each wines, in order to provide them with complexity.

Altos de Rioja moved from its previous location, in Laguardia, to a new one placed in Elvillar, next to Sierra de Cantabria mountains. The vineyards are located on an altitude of 700 meters.

This new winemaker cellar is equipped with the latest technologies for the wine elaboration. With more than 1.800 square meters, the modern and functional building is conceived for wonderful wines.

Altos de Rioja have combined, in a short period of time, the experience of its creators, achieving an unbeatable quality level, and a very defined personality in its wines. Altos de Rioja’s succes comes from the equilibrium search between territory richness, in union with traditional work and the latest technical advances.

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