Rolland & Galarreta

29,95 (VAT incl. )

Technical details

Year 2014
Variety of grape


Barrel Age


Barrel Composition

French Oak


V.T. Castilla

Suggested temperature for serving


Time in Barrel

15 months

Time in Bottle

12 months minimum

Vine Age

20-30 years

WinemakerJoseba Altuna

Tasting Notes

Colour At first glance it is distinguished by its intense, brilliant and crystalline ruby​-red colour.
Nose Its complex aromas of red fruit are in harmony with the nuances provided by ageing in barrels. Its mineral character and great concentration truly stand out.
Palate it is fresh, with hints of ripe cherries, with a tart acidity, balanced, elegant, and with an incredibly smooth palate overall.
Food pairing Red meats, stews, game, cured cheeses.