Gold Selection

3 Rolland Galarreta Ribera del Duero + 3 Rolland Galarreta Rioja +  2 Rolland Galarreta Rueda.

121,00VAT incl.

Rolland Galarreta Rueda 2017

France meets Spain

Verdejo is the business card of Rueda Appellation, a white wine zone, which in recent years has come to into fashion thanks to this grape personality, unparalleled to other not only Spanish but also foreign wines. There Rolland-Galarreta tandem examined which vineyards offered the most identifiable grape stock traits according to their location and age. They found it in an 80-hectare vineyard located 700 meters above sea level between Serrada and Rueda, with poor soils and scarce yields that do not eclipse the variety character.

Elaborated with 100% Verdejo, the grape juice was cold macerated along with the skins for 8 hours to enhance the variety characteristic aromas. The fermentation was carried out at 16°C, which helped to maintain and intensify the aromas. The wine remained in contact with its lees to provide its voluminous structure and glyceric sensations in the mouth. All this combined with this variety fruity and bitter characteristics results in a wine of good constitution, elegant in its entirety and persistent in the mouth.

Rolland Galarreta Ribera del Duero 2018

France meets Spain

Rolland-Galarreta is a duet of two complementary but different characters. Michel Rolland is the most famous aenologist in the world, capable of extracting from every winemaking landscape the essence of the subsoil and plant maturation secrets. Javier Galarreta accumulates long experience, knowing which wines are more attracted and understood by the consumer. A “hound” taster who knows what it feels like to be wine buyer.

The first incursion of the illustrious couple is in Ribera del Duero, a red wine, coming from old vineyards with an average age of 35, cultivated at an altitude of 915 meters above sea level that, in this area of Castile means to challenge the climate, pushing the cultivation to the limit. They have looked on these landscapes for the poorest stony soils vineyards, with a high content of active limestone, natural ingredient to achieve potent but elegant wines. .

It is made with 85% Tempranillo, a grape that adds the territory character, and with 15% Merlot, which softens its structure and provides it certain elegance. The clusters went through a double selection process, first in the vineyard and then on the selection table. The stems were separated from the grapes without squeezing them, with exhaustive control during long macerations at low temperatures. The grape juice was created by free running off made by gravity, in order to obtain optimum colour and tannins extraction, an essential practice to achieve a base that allows wine safe ageing. Pneumatic and vertical presses were used, while the malolactic fermentation was carried out in French oak barrels of less than 4 years to moderate the intensity of the oak flavour of a new wood. This wine was aged in French oak barrels for 10 months.

It is a pleasant, balanced wine with marked fruity sensations, with a cherry maroon colour of medium intensity, with perfect association between oak smoky nuances and black fruit notes, which will surprise you.

Rolland Galarreta Rioja 2014

France meets Spain

Rolland Galarreta Rioja is a brand, created as a result of the experience and prestige of the famous French oenologist Michel Rolland, who brought his knowledge, gained in wineries around the world, and Javier Galarreta’s skills as an expert in styles and trends. With a leading oenology and from selected vineyards between 450 and 700 metres high in Rioja Alavesa with wine stocks with the average age of 25 years from El Villar town.

Made with 100% Tempranillo, the grape was selected with Vistalys help, an optical selection table by Bucher Vaslin, capable of selecting berries in perfect condition. The stems were removed from the grapes and the whole berries were placed into the deposits. The grape underwent a 26-days process of long macerations at a low temperature in oak barrels, stirred by gravity and pressed with pneumatic and vertical press. Malolactic maceration was performed in new American oak barrels, and the wine was aged in these containers for 12 months. Finally, the wine was matured for 12 months in the bottle.

It is a classical, balanced and complex wine, which floral touches, licorice and sweet spices can be distinguished.