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2 Amaren Blanco Fermentado en Barrica + 2 Pago de Cirsus Chardonnay + Gorka Izagirre G22 + Val de Vid Verdejo

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Amaren Barrel Fermented 2019

Old vines, modern wines

Amaren White Barrel Fermented is not a whim followed by the current fashion of white wines. It is the result of looking not only for fruit and freshness but also for complexity. If the chosen terrains are excellent for a red wine, so will they be for the white ones. That is why in Rioja Alavesa Juan Luis Cañas chose the grapes of the hillsides and of the lands with little water retention where the roots have to explore the minerals and microorganisms that enrich it deep in the subsoil. The consequence is a low yield, with smaller grapes and, therefore, with a skin full of complexity.

The composition of the wine is 85% Viura of low yield that brings freshness and fruitiness with 15% Malvasia that endows the wine with body and character. The vineyards are situated in the highest parts of the lands aged over 50 years. The fermentation in a barrel implies the activity of fine lees that provide silkiness, sweetness and volume. It is a wine capable of aging in the same way as a red wine, being at its best state between 1 and 3 years. 8 months in barrel do not take away even an ounce of freshness and fruitiness, adding the complexity of smoked, creaminess and it has a slight taste of fine patisserie.

Val de Vid Verdejo 2021

Top selling Premium Verdejo

Val de Vid Verdejo is the expression of this Castilian vine, capable of identifying itself varietally even with few cultivation years. That is why Bodegas Val de Vid considered that the vineyards with an average age of 23 years are enough to offer a monovarietal Verdejo wine.

Made with 100% Verdejo, the clusters carried out skin maceration for between 6 and 12 hours at a very low temperature in order to extract from the skin all grape properties that pulp lacks, as well to enhance the sensations in the mouth. Its fermentation took place at low temperatures, 14-16°C, which helped maintain and intensify the varietal character. After the fermentation, the wines were kept in contact with fine lees, to enhance wine structure, providing fatty acids and more extensive and glyceric sensations in the mouth.

The wine demonstrates a beautiful straw colour, with a fruity aroma, with slight floral nuances and dry herbs, with a delicious taste in the mouth, its variety bitter features, yet, with some fresh acidity.

Gorka Izagirre G22 2020

Redifining Basque White Wine

Gorka Izagirre G22 is the elegance and subtlety of an Atlantic white wine which due to its freshness, acidity and fluidity evokes the humid low forest notes. It has been chosen from a small 6,5-hectare Bizkaiko Txakolina Appellation of Origin vineyard. They are 2 vineyards of 2 municipalities in which the grape stocks do not exceed the age of 15 years. The production is 6500 kg per hectare and the density is 3,300 grape stocks per hectare, grown on steep slopes that sometimes reach 30% inclination.

Made with 100% Hondarribi Zerratia variety, these are the grapes which ripen in very small clusters with weight between 100 and 120 gr on average, which are very scarce per grape stock. The grape was selected by hand, cluster by cluster, in boxes of 15 kg. Once in the winery, pre-fermentative cryomaceration was carried out for 12 hours, followed by soft pneumatic pressing. To eliminate the thick lees a 36-hour static decantation at 10°C and in inert atmosphere was made. The pure grape juice was then fermented at the lowest thermal limit for this process (14°C) in order to maintain all the fruit and grape varietal properties. When 18-day alcoholic fermentation was completed, an 8-month ageing process on its own lees begins, during which the lees are stirred once a day to obtain the herbal complexity of the variety and to increase the fatty touch, giving elegance and fluidity. The work of wine clarification implied further 4-months maturation in deposits followed by bottling. G22 By Gorka Izagirre was aged in the bottle for 12 months after its harvest, continuing its maturation process for approximately 6 more months before going to market.

The most important value of this wine is its capacity of ageing in the bottle, which delays the loss of its youth qualities and freshness. It is a wine that is going to evolve slowly during the next 5 years of its bottling, gaining complexity and nuances, obtaining exceptional volume, structure and elegance.

Pago de Cirsus Chardonnay 2021

Single vineyard with its own appellation

Pago de Cirsus is located in southern Navarra, in Ablitas municipality, with a Mediterranean continental climate, surrounded by a 136-hectare practically flat vineyard. It is an authentic chateau where the winery building also hosts a hotel and restaurant, very typical of Napa Valley style in California, ideal place for wine tourism. New generation facilities, in perfect harmony with advanced viticulture work. Scarce rains and Cierzo winds provide an impeccable vineyards sanitary condition and safe sunshine, with minimum differences in quality from one harvest to another.

Pago de Cirsus White Chardonnay comes from Bolandín land with 20-year vineyards. The entire property is 400 meters above sea level with an average production of 4,000 kg per hectare and 1.65 kg yield per wine stock. The grape was selected by hand, cluster by cluster, in 15 kg boxes, followed by a cold pre-fermentation maceration at 5°C. To acquire all the varietal values it is essential for a Chardonnay to use the lees wisely in order to achieve volume, a fatty touch and wine stock complexity. All this process is performed in stainless steel tanks. A straw-coloured wine with slight yellow shades, with an intense aroma, ripe fruit, wet straw memories, with a floral nuance and fresh acidity as a counterpoint to alcoholic graduation warm note.