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2 Baigorri Blanco Fermentado Barrica + 2 Gorka Izagirre + 2 Pazo de Señorans Albariño + 2 Rolland Galarreta Rueda.

100,00VAT incl.

Baigorri White Barrel Fermented 2019

Just gravity

All of us have discovered that classic varieties such as Viura and Malvasia more accurately show the earthy touch and fine lees quiet work during the ageing process. Baigorri Blanco Barrel Fermented comes from old vineyards with an average age of more than 50 years, located in Samaniego town, at the foot of the Sierra Cantabria. Sustainable viticulture in harmony with nature, with 100% manual work. Made with 90% Viura grape, which gives it fruitiness and lightness, and 10% Malvasia, providing it with structure and minerality. The grape had its stems removed and selected by hand, berry by berry, using selection and vibration tables.

It was macerated with its skins for a few hours before being pressed in order to obtain all its varietal character and later to be directly placed into French oak barrels to make the fermentation at a maximum temperature of 20°C. Subsequently, the grape juice underwent moderate clarification, which allowed to discard the solid sediment in suspension and to keep the juice clean.

This wine was aged in new French oak barrels together with its lees.

It is a voluminous wine, with fine notes of ageing and very good acidity, easy to combine, drink and enjoy.

Pazo Señorans Albariño 2021

Best Spanish wine

Pazo de Señorans is a typical Galicia country house with class. Due to its genuineness, it represents a combination of the stone house and gardening located in the perfect place for a photo. Due to its class, it is the most accurate example of an old Galicia noble mansion converted into property in Bordeaux Chateaux style. Its rigour and originality are given by its owner, Marisol Bueno, who, together with her husband, Javier Mareque, has been able to give a personal touch to the property turning it into the most charming vineyard in Rías Baixas Appellation of Origin. If one were to remember the three best Albariño Galician brands, one of them would be Pazo de Señorans. All these conditions make it almost impossible to avoid a unique wine creation, which Albariño, indeed, is.

Pazo de Señorans White Wine is born on vineyards plots with an approximate age of 30 years, located 5 kilometers from the winery and 8 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean. The soils of the vineyards are granite and sandy and cover a 12-hectare area, taking advantage of such a moderate Atlantic climate.

This wine is made with 100% Albariño. The grape was harvested by hand with selection in the very vineyard and there the grapes that did not meet the right conditions were discarded. It was transported in small plastic boxes to the wine cellar and then underwent clusters film maceration prior to its fermentation in order to get more aromas and a stronger character, followed by controlled alcoholic fermentation at 16 degrees. The wine was kept for 4 months with its fine lees to obtain the necessary volume, balanced with its acidity. After 4 months of bottling it is ready to be presented to the market.

Gorka Izagirre Txakoli 2021

Redifining Basque White Wine

Gorka Izagirre White Wine, is born at a 21-hectare vineyard, made of 10 plots from six municipalities belonging to the Appellation of Origin. These are vineyards of different reliefs, some of which are situated on steep slopes that sometimes reach 30% inclination.

The wine is created with the native varieties such as 50% Hondarrabi Zuri and 50% Hondarrabi Zerratia, in very small clusters that weight between 100 and 120 gr, which is not typical. The grape was selected by hand, cluster by cluster, in boxes of 15 kg. Once in the winery, the grapes had their stems removed and criomaceration in inert atmosphere took place, prior to the following pneumatic pressing at low pressure. Later grape sediment  static removal was performed and grape juice most virgin part alcoholic fermentation was carried out for 16 days at low temperature at 14°C in stainless steel tanks. After the alcoholic fermentation, the wines were stirred. In Gorka Izagirre, only Hondarrabi Zerratia variety was subjected to short ageing on lees for 2.5 months to give it volume and length in the mouth. After the ageing, the wines were mixed, and, finally, then they were bottled.

It has bright straw colour. Aroma with fine lees memories, infusion herbs, pretty floral. On the palate the wine is fruity, elegant, with good acidity.

Rolland Galarreta Rueda 2017

France meets Spain

Verdejo is the business card of Rueda Appellation, a white wine zone, which in recent years has come to into fashion thanks to this grape personality, unparalleled to other not only Spanish but also foreign wines. There Rolland-Galarreta tandem examined which vineyards offered the most identifiable grape stock traits according to their location and age. They found it in an 80-hectare vineyard located 700 meters above sea level between Serrada and Rueda, with poor soils and scarce yields that do not eclipse the variety character.

Elaborated with 100% Verdejo, the grape juice was cold macerated along with the skins for 8 hours to enhance the variety characteristic aromas. The fermentation was carried out at 16°C, which helped to maintain and intensify the aromas. The wine remained in contact with its lees to provide its voluminous structure and glyceric sensations in the mouth. All this combined with this variety fruity and bitter characteristics results in a wine of good constitution, elegant in its entirety and persistent in the mouth.