Gorka Izagirre

18,00 (VAT incl. )

Technical details

Year 2018

D.O. Bizkaiko Txakolina

Variety of grape

Hondarrabi Zerratia

Barrel Age


Time in Barrel

Minimum 5 months

Time in Bottle

Minimum 3 months

Suggested temperature for serving

10 Cº

WinemakerJosé Ramón Calvo

Tasting Notes

Colour Brigth yellow, elegant and spotless presence. It leaves a good glycerine presence on the glass, with slow tear detachment.
Nose Noble aromas blend with very ripe fruit and caramelized sweet spice and cinnamon. On a secondary level, there are touches of honey wrapped in citrus and essences of daffodil and acacia. It has a high aromatic density.
Palate Silky and embracing. A greedy, fruit and herbal sensation which releases a spectacular acidity that ensures a superb future evolution full of crystallized fruit and honey.
Food pairing ARIMA is usually paired with desserts and makes an excellent companion to have in after-lunch or after-dinner conversations; however, it goes well with foie gras, truffles, and fine cheese platters as well.