12,50 (VAT incl. )

Technical details

Year 2014
Variety of grape


Time in Bottle

12 months minimum

Time in Barrel

18 months

Suggested temperature for serving



D.O. Ca. Rioja

Barrel Composition
Barrel Age
Vine Age

Tasting Notes

Colour A highly intense and deep core of dark cherry with a pinkish edge. Bright and clean.
Nose Complex, with good intensity. Over a background of ripe fruit, one notices notes of cocoa, wild fruit (dark cherries), smoke and liquor. As it stays in the glass, mineral and balsamic notes begin to arise.
Palate Full of flavour on the attack with a base of wild ripe berries as the principal sensation, similar to a mix of jam, candy and marinated plums. Light, velvety feel, with a liquorice finish.
Food pairing Pairs well with poultry, red meats and lamb.